The Joy of Night Jogging

This evening I found myself umming and ahhing over whether or not I should get outside and go for a jog. Mentally I wanted to, and physically I felt up for it (how often does that kind of motivation hit?!), yet for some reason, I still found that I was trying to talk myself out of going. I was thinking things like “no, you’ve already had two showers today and if you go running you’ll have to take a third, you’ll be wasting hot water”, “nah don’t go, dinner is gonna be ready any minute now”, “you can’t go after dinner you’ll be too full”, “never mind, just go tomorrow, the motivation will still be there”.

These thoughts were running through my mind for at least an hour before I finally got my butt dressed in my jogging gear and just went out and did it. AND IT FELT GOOOOOD.

See, for the past 3 weeks I had been trying really hard to get back on the exercise band wagon but I had been struggling. There is something about exercising during day light hours that just sucks the life out of me. If it’s hot or sunny I feel drained, dizzy and exhausted just thinking about exercise. I also detest early mornings so waking up at the crack of dawn was never an option. I much prefer exercising in the evening when it is cool and dark, but daylight savings had meant that it hadn’t been getting dark until too late in the day.

I had been going for short bush walks twice a week after work (normally between 4-5pm) and even though I gave them my best effort, I found that afterwards I felt physically drained and exhausted, and mentally low. Not a good thing for somebody who struggles with depression and low moods.

Well luckily for me daylight savings just ended! Now it gets nice and dark earlier, and almost instantly, I am suddenly finding that I WANT to exercise. The jog I did tonight wasn’t anything too intense or extreme. All up it took me about 27 minutes and of that time I guess-timate that I jogged half and walked half. It felt so good to be out in the cool air in the dark, and I am so stoked with myself that I was able to practice a bit of self-discipline by ignoring the lazy thoughts and getting myself out of the house.

The best part was that unlike the bush walks after work, this jog didn’t leave me feeling in any way drained. It left me feeling happy, invigorated and fresh. What a great start to the week.

Here’s to the happy life!



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