De-cluttering My Wardrobe and Making That Moolah

Lately I have been itching to find ways to earn more money outside of my regular job. I work as a waitress 4 days a week, and even though this job gives me enough money to live off and save a little each week, I have been frustrated with the slow progress of my savings goals.

Like many of you, I have come across a bazillion videos and articles online with ideas on how to earn more money, but the majority of the time, the recommendations are repetitive and just not for me. Starting a small business? I have no ideas and no drive. Getting a second job? Firstly hell naaahh, and secondly, quite a difficult feat when you live in a very small town that relies on seasonal tourism. Dog walking? Seriously? Pretty sure my neighbours are trying to penny pinch just as much as I am, and I don’t like pets anyway. But the one idea that I was both familiar with and comfortable with, was selling my old stuff.

So, I went through my very small wardrobe and beauty cabinet (by cabinet I mean box under my bed) and found some things that I no longer wanted. I was gonna take the lazy route and drop them off at the local op shop, but I decided to be a bit more proactive and list them on Trademe (New Zealand’s version of ebay). I listed about 13 items yesterday and another 4 today. I’ve already sold an old denim jacket for $35. Yay go me! Here’s where I admit that that jacket was by far the best item I listed and I’m just crossing my fingers that I’ll at least get a few dollars for the bras and old nail polish I listed. Haha.

Here’s to a few more dollars in my bank account! 😀



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