Selling Things

A few weeks ago, my hours at work were cut down due to the quiet winter season. Before the cut, I was doing any where from 25 – 32 hours a week, but now, I typically only work a maximum of 18 hours. On the one hand it is AWESOME having so much free time, and I am luuuurving all the extra sleep-ins on my days off. On the other hand, this has really slowed down my savings and I’m worried I’ll get too used to being lazy. When I eventually start working more hours again, or get a new job, full time hours are going to be a major shock to my system. Bummer.

Luckily for me, I had recently gotten back into selling things online to earn money outside of my job. Not only is this “hobby” bringing in a little extra money here and there, but it is also helping me to be more productive in my free time.

I started with things I already owned and no longer wanted, but I quickly ran out of things to sell. I’ve now started buying things second hand with the intent to sell them on. In all honesty, the amount of money I make from selling things online really doesn’t compensate for the time, effort and energy it takes to actually sell the items. Trawling through op-shops, taking photos, uploading & cropping them, listing the auctions, packing, posting etc…it’s all quite time consuming and if I was paying myself by the hour, I’d be losing money. But I enjoy it. I feel productive. I feel motivated. I feel a real sense of achievement and satisfaction every time I make a sale because I love that feeling of independence; the feeling that I am capable of creating my own income.

Here are some of the things I’ve picked up or sold lately:

A really cute floral bra by Dimity So.
A Victoria’s Secret exercise bra. FYI, there is only one Victoria’s Secret shop in New Zealand (at the airport), so this was an awesome find.
The prettiest Pleasure State bra. I actually almost kept this for myself!
A lovely black top by Dotti. I would have kept this if it was my size.
Denim Button Up from Factorie. This was actually out of my sister’s wardrobe.


This really nice pair of slouchy trousers by Witchery

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